The Shop-Fort Fringe, 607 New York Ave. NW

Remaining Performances:

Thursday, July 14, at 9:45 p.m.
Sunday, July 17, at 5:00 p.m.
Friday, July 22, at 9:30 p.m.

They Say: “Stevie Jay takes you on a soul-piercing, button-pushing, hilariously-uncensored journey—exploring relationships, sex, working out at the gym, working out sexual relationships at the gym and “the endless struggle to remain spiritually-oriented and irresistibly-gorgeous at all times.” A multi-chakra extravaganza!”

Olivia’s Take: From “zen-ju-buddhism” to taints, Stevie Jay covers it all — perhaps too much in the 60-minute span of life, love, sex, death…and other works in progress (a multi-chakra extravaganza). He hands his audience members half-sticks of Extra chewing gum as they enter The Shop. Though the purpose of this was never disclosed, as the rest of his antics, I believe that it simply could have been to keep us guessing.

Starting off with a little warm-up dance (the love child of the Macarena and the Jitterbug), Jay wastes little time sharing his views on, well, everything in the title. It’s obvious Jay has a blast doing this show from the way he giggles with his audience at slyly crude jokes, but at some moments he’s the only one laughing. His wit and speed mean that some of his best jokes zoom right by the audience. It’s only after Jay turns to cue up the next song on the soundtrack that you see his grin and realize “Oh, that’s funny.” But by then he’s onto another topic. This leads me to conclude that 60 minutes is not enough time for this “extravaganza.” I would bet that Jay would agree.

Having to shorten the show, which he’s performed in the UK and New York, Jay is left to scurry through his encounters with Tammy Faye Baker lookalikes and Cher apparitions. The transitions from topic to topic lacked flow. By the end of the show I wanted to talk to him, but couldn’t stand to be talked at any longer.

life, love, sex, death… is a fun show to see with a date or group of friends after drinks. Jay breaks the fourth wall, telling audience You are the characters! as he encourages us to dance and react to his hilarious perceptions of humanity.

See It If: You have an open mind, a cocktail, and raunchy humor.

Skip It If: You blush easily.