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The Fringe & Purge Action News and Commentary Squad has been honest with you, on occasion brutally so. We consider this to be our duty, as well as a sign of our respect for you, the artist and/or consumer.

But we’re not always right.

Key members of our elite blog-squad — tireless (and tire-changing) film critic/theater reviewer Ian Buckwalker, Washington City Paper Arts Editor Jonathan L. Fischer, theater director/blogger Ryan S. Taylor, and I, your humble Fringe & Purge editor — shall present ourselves for arraignment before you, our public, at an official, Capital Fringe-sponsored “Training Factory” event this evening at Fort Fringe at 7:30.

We’ll talk about the nature and purpose of criticism, and how it works in the context of a fringe festival. We’ll discuss candidly what we think we’ve done right with the blog this year and where we’ve gone wrong.  And we’ll take your questions, as many as we have time for.  We’ll have to leave the building at 8:30, but maybe you can persuade some or all of the panel to keep the conversation flowing at another venue afterwards.

Whatever happens, ONE THING IS CERTAIN: We’ll be there, ready to face the music.  I just hope it doesn’t have any goddamn Auto-Tune.