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Sam Rabinovitz and Sara Bickler in HAMLET REFRAMED, which won Best Drama at the Pick of the Fringe Awards Sunday night.
We have only just started to see straight again after Sunday night’s Captital Fringe Festival-concluding bacchanal, which is why it took so long for these video interviews we shot at Fort Fringe that night to see the light of day. We didn’t interview all the winners; just the ones who hung around to party after collecting their trophies (certificates). You’ve got to want it, you guys. But congratulations all the same to Katie Molinaro (On the Rag to Riches, Best Solo Performance), Verena Lucia and DC Aerial Collective, sharing the Best (and only) Dance award, Pointless Theatre for winning Best Experimental for Hugo Ball: The Super Spectacular Dada Adventure, and all concerned with the Who’s Your Baghdaddy? juggernaut, which won Best Overall.

We did not review Grain of Sand Theatre‘s Hamlet Reframed, which won the Best Drama award. Exchange forgiveness with us, noble Hamlet Reframed. Oh, wait: You haven’t done anything to us that warrants penance. Anyway, we hope this video with (in order of appearance) cast members Sara Bickler & Kelsy Meiklejohn, director Carl Brandt Long, and actor John Stange will atone for our sin-of-neglect against you.

We didn’t review iKilL, either — well, I sort of did — but that is the haunting, morbid, noh-and-Kabuki-inpsired piece upon which Capital Fringe Executive Director Julianne Brienza and Producing Artistic Director Scot McKenzie chose to bestow their Directors’ Award. Writer/director Izumi Ashizama vanished before I could find her with my camera, but I spoke with cast members (from left to right) Nick Horan, Vanessa Noland, Raechel Noland, and Jason Glass.

Moving on, then! Right here you have Allyson Harkey, Karen Lange, and Toni Rae Brotons of Pinky Swear Productions discussing their Best Musical winner, CABARET XXX: Les Femmes Fatales. The Fringe and Purge Action News and Commentary Squad’s Emery Uwimana observed, “This show is a big middle finger in the air to anyone opposed to four confident and sexually liberated women who repeatedly ask the audience, ‘What’s wrong with being a slut?’” They’re all a nice, demonic shade of crimson in this video, which only seems appropriate.

Priscilla Dreams the Answer was voted Best Comedy. I spoke with director/coproducer Emily Todd and co-producer Aubri O’Connor about the show that the FPANCS (pronounced “shield”)’s Ian Buckwalter praised as inventive, skillful, balletic and quirky.

Don’t forget to read Rebecca J. Ritzel‘s fine investigation into the near-total disappearance of dance entries from the Capital Fringe Fesitval. This is true: Until like a week ago, Bec thought Han Solo was named Hans Solo, which is why she writes about dance. She has not seen the final film in the globally beloved Gary Potter fantasy series yet.