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In this inaugural installment of our daily (probably) late-night (invariably) conversation about our experiences at the Capital Fringe Festival, Rachel Manteuffel, Derek Hills, and I soak up the ambience of Fort Fringe while talking about Dylan Fresco‘s Dominos Pizza Saved My Life, Washington Improv Theater‘s iConfess, and Brian Feldman‘s conceptual art exploration of the ephemerality of human relationships, BFF. NOTE: You will hear me proclaim this our second installment, but that’s because I changed my mind about the order in which I wanted to post some things today. I could fix that, but I believe in transparency. There’re no shadow campaigns on this blog, no sir!

Oh, I meant to tell you: We’re doing a podcast! This one, believe it or not, was edited a little, but we’re going to try to avoid that going forward because who has the time and moreover, what are these “smart drinks” and speech and diction classes for if we’re not going to be able speak with authority on a first take?

DISCLOSURE: Both Rachel and Derek are in Fringe shows this year. Rachel is an actor in The Cloudism Project and Derek is a writer of/performer in Apocalypse Picnic.