DC theater know-it-all Michael Kyrioglou joines Fringe & Purge Action News and Commentary Squad members Chris Klimek, Rachel Manteuffel and Joseph Price to talk the extra-ultraviolent Hamlet, McGoddess, the multimedia guided-walk experiment The Circle, The Extermination Machine, Right to Remain… the Life and Mind of Tupac Shakur and Superhero Celebrity Rehab. We ran past closing time at the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent bar recording this episode, and you will hear that.

LISTENER ADVISORY: Rachel says motherfuckers in this episode, but it’s near the end, after you’ll probably have stopped listening because she defends Adolf Eichmann way before that.

DISCLOSURES: Rachel is performing in The Cloudism Project this Fringe. Michael does publicity work for banished? productions, who created The Circle. Also, the co-directors of banished? are Joseph’s landlords. Which does not stop him from expressing his reservations about the show, which is a wholly separate issue from his recent rent increase. But I was with him on this one, and my opinion is wholly uncompromised. That makes one of us.