In this edition of the PurgeCast, actor, storyteller, and paragon of temperance John Kevin Boggs—-a member of the cast of the Washington Rogues’ 2012 Capital Fringe entry Mitzi’s Abortion—-joins Fringe & Purge bloggers Derek Hills, Rachael Manteuffel, and Chris Klimek to debate the merits of Dylan Fresco‘s Dominos Pizza Saved My Life and to praise Joe Brack‘s My Princess Bride as “the most entertaining thing I’ve seen that I haven’t been in.”

Derek offers a defense of banished? productions The Circle, Rachel loves Dead Man’s Mambo, and I bring our discourse to a screeching halt for a digression about the difficulties Princess Bride scribe William Goldman (he wrote the novel and the screenplay) faced adapting Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein‘s All the President’s Men for the screen back in the ’70s. I also fumble my way through an admiring discussion of Dreams in the Arms of the Binding Lady, the spooky dance show from last year’s Director’s Award winner, Izumi Ashizawa Performance. “Like Voltron,” I rave.

DISCLOSURE: Both Rachel and Derek are in Fringe shows this year. Rachel is an actor in The Cloudism Project and Derek is a writer of/performer in Apocalypse Picnic.