The Fringe & PurgeCast returns after a few nights off. Sophia Bushong, Rachel Manteuffel, Aaron Weiner and Chris Klimek discuss Clown Cabaret’s Delusions of Grandeur, Evan Crump’s play Shock / Trauma, and Josh Armenta’s opera The City of God.

Rachel is terrified of clowns. Chris is unafraid of opera, but also largely uncomprehending. Sophia wonders if she should cut performers some slack when their performances are impaired by nerves. Aaron — who in his fourth year with Fringe & Purge has seniority on all of us — occasionally cuts in to restore order.

PLEASE NOTE: The admirably visual title of this episode that Aaron unwittingly contributed for our audio-only podcast does not refer to any specific balloon animal or any specific shaking hand. He was speaking hypothetically.