Photo of More Humans courtesy of Capital Fringe
Photo of More Humans courtesy of Capital Fringe

Performing: Tonight at Fort Fringe with The Tender Thrill at midnight.

They Say: Fringe has actually just used our previous observation that More Humans is a “A trio that writes weird story songs with chugging melodies and twisted grooves.”

Val’s Take: It might be easy to miss the sly humor in the band’s lyrics the first time around, especially since More Humans doesn’t take the standard campy and loud Fringe-y approach. Still, after the CSNY-esque harmonies comfortably sink in so will the realization that they welcomed you to “the childhood home of Andy Warhol and Dan Marino.”

Recommended Track: “Dracula”

Fringe Play For Whom They’re the Best Fit: Recovery. A performance about cancer rarely brings the laughs, but Recovery aims to bring smiles from its dark material. Similarly, songs like “You’re a Liar” have an impressive, heavy build up but the payoff is both cathartic and comedic. Also, as near as we can tell, there are no plays about vampires this year.