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DISCUSSED IN SOME DETAIL: 43 1/2: The Greatest Deaths of Shakespeare’s Tragedies; Mark Twain’s Riverboat Adventure; The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Superspy; Fireball XL?; Tickets to an Event.

MENTIONED IN PASSING: Michael Khan, Emily Todd, Moonrise Kingdom, Kubrilesque. DISCLAIMERS BY THE BOATLOAD: Lindsey Boyle is working in a technical capacity on No Sex, Please and The Burlesque of Broadway. Rachel Manteuffel is an actor in Recovery, and she also went to Camp Shakespeare (neeeeeeeeeeeerd) with Jenna Berk, who appears in 43 1/2, like 15 years ago. Chris Klimek attended the wedding of The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Superspy director Chris Niebling in 2007.