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Performing: Tonight at Fort Fringe with The Delegation at 10 p.m.

They Say:The CooLots are the original all female rock and soul band hailing from the Washington DC area.”

Val’s Take: The best thing to hope for from a fusion of styles is that the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. For many groups, the songs feel like puzzles: You can hear where one influence ends and another begins. While this six-piece still has a little ways to go before the fusion is truly seamless, they make up for any audible cracks with raw urgency. When singer Awesome Rita delivers spitfire lyrics, it recalls the fury of a Zach de la Rocha during songs like “Amerikkka,” but the fire is all her own. The rhythm section pays a big debt to 1970s funk, but the attitude conveyed by bassist Jonquille “Dappho the Flow-Er” Rice is that of a larger-than-life rock ‘n’ roll star. Then there’s the mind-blowing intensity of guitarist Michelle “Huggie” Williams, unparalleled by most guitarists this side of Marissa Paternoster.

Recommended Track: “Need You Now”

Fringe Play for Whom They’re the Best Fit: Pitchin’ the Tent: Tia Nina Live at Baldacchino. A “mind-numbing, gender-mashing, rock-‘n-roll meltdown” about a feminist band? Yeah, that sounds about right. We could see Tia Nina putting their all into some of these wild rockers by The CooLots.