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Fort Fringe

Lone Performance: Tonight at Fort Fringe at 7:15 p.m.

Val’s Take: As the word “Cybertrax” is one of those cute and clever combos that doesn’t reveal much, let’s be clear: This is a night for the lovers of synth-based and electronic music to congregate and bliss the hell out.

At the height of the blissful spectrum is Brooklyn-based Forma, who but for the rather aggressive beats, starts to lean into New Age-y territory with a base of night sky-reaching chords. But while New Age compilations tend to avoid pathos, Forma isn’t afraid to utilize emotive violin samples amid its pleasant chimes.

Where Forma’s inspiration seems to come from the sky, Nitemoves‘ (Rory O’Connor of Com Truise and Tycho) source material is somewhere between the club and the street. O’Connor proves himself a worthy graduate of the school of Dilla beatmaking, with head-bopping beats that punctuate a mysterious synthy haze. But don’t dwell too much on one sound, because after you think you know where the music is headed, he might well fill it out with symphonic style.

The other names on the bill may sound more familiar to local music lovers but Collin Crowe (Buildings), Mike Petillo and Aaron Leitko (Protect-U) will not be performing their familiar tunes. Leitko and Petillo have done their fair share of DJ sets, especially during the time period where they were rebuilding their equipment stash and writing their gorgeously catchy Free USA material. So while “Motorbike” and “2 Time 2 Technique” might not make appearances, songs that inspired those moving electronic tunes probably will. On the flipside, don’t expect anything from Crowe that resembles the patterned guitar-heavy work of Buildings. His music library has everything from drone to post-punk to Italo disco, so just expect him to have fun. You probably will, too.

Fringe Play for Whom They’re the Best Fit: The Circle. It’s at once modern and fit for the nightlife yet, like this mobile performance, it can and take you elsewhere in time and space.