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FEATURING: Lex Davis! Jake Guinn! Chris Niebling! Kristen Pilgirm!

DISCUSSED: The Tournament, The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy and how you tell a story during a stage fight.

WE’RE SORRY: That I whine about my shoulder just for a minute at the beginning. Please take into account that I said the things I said under the influence of moderate to severe pain. In my shoulder.

FURTHER READING: Actually, Mike D’Angelo’s Dissolve essay from a couple weeks back about how some gags in Airplane! were funnier before he knew specifically what they were referencing is sort of relevant. And Outlaw Vern’s review of Bloodsport (“if you like this sort of crap it’s an enjoyable movie”) will refresh your memory of that seminal text, not that you need to have seen it, per se, to understand its essence. Or to enjoy The Tournament.

The Tournament‘s next performance is Saturday, July 19 at 6:15 p.m. at the Atlas Performing Arts Center’s Sprenger Theatre. Tickets, and a complete list of performance dates, are available here.

Photo of Jake Guinn, Robb Hunter, and Kristen Pilgrim by Paul Gillis.