Manic Possession: Aubri O'Connor (foreground) in "Stone Tape Party."
Manic Possession: Aubri O'Connor (foreground) in "Stone Tape Party."

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(Even though only one of them is in a bar.)

We’re burning daylight already, no time for chitchat! Here’re a half-dozen Capital Fringe shows playing today, once again starting inconveniently early, that the dedicated agents of our Action News and Commentary Squad have thoroughly examined and can certify as… Fringeworthy!

Stone Tape Party (Atlas Performing Arts Center: Sprenger, 6 p.m.) — Playwright Danny Rovin’s tale of a ghost haunting one resident of a group house is another winner from Nu Sass productions, opined Lauren Alexander. Lo, it is just as the spirit foretold.

Córiolanas (Atlas Performing Arts Center: Lang, 6:15 p.m.) — “Faithful in all the right places and progressive in all the others,” agent Daniel Parisi declared of this elysian theatre production of Shakespeare’s not-all-soldiers-ought-to-go-into-politics play, which changes the titular general’s gender and casts Emily Marsh in the role.

Persephone (Fort Fringe: Bedroom, 6:30 p.m.) — Agent Joshua Buursma recommended (re)visiting Ovid’s account before checking out this performance-art gloss on the myth, each iteration of which features a different artist interpreting Persephone anew onstage. This is sound advice. We’re told you’ll want to re-watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes before checking out Dawn of..., too.

Cabaret XXX: Everybody F*cking Dies (Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, 7:30 p.m.) — Veteran agent Camila Domonoske triumphed over her aversion to the Oxford Comma to pen this endorsement of the fourth and apparently final installment of Pinky Swear Productions’ long-running Cabaret XXX saga. Killing off the three major characters before the show even starts does add a fresh wrinkle to what was starting to feel a little familiar, and perhaps for that reason Everybody F*cking Dies is probably my favorite gypsy tent Cabaret installment since their first, way back in 2011. R.I.P., Allyson, Karen, and Toni. Don’t go trying to pull some lame Jean Grey-Agent Coulson-Search for Spock shit on us next summer.

R + J Star Cross’d Death Match (DC Reynolds, 8 p.m.) — The Bard, beer’d! Two households, each alike in dignity, in fair Petworth, playing flip-cup. Agent Rachel Kurzius pointed out that putting the 420-ish-year-old tragedy in a loud, crowded bar makes for a faithful simulation of the conditions under which ’twas first performed, even if Romeo and Juliet are both several years shy of twenty-one. “Deserves commendations for the way it expands the boundaries of a modern theater experience, even if sometimes that means it’s throwing a bunch of belligerence at a wall,” Agent Kurzius concluded.

This Gonna Be on the Test, Miss? (Caos on F, 9:45 p.m.) — The prolific Agent Buursma was also taken in by Ronna Levy’s solo piece about  her years teaching remedial English in Los Angeles while simultaneously pursing a career in front of the camera for film and television. “By the time Levy declares herself ‘post-cynical … we can see just how precious that hard-won kernel of optimism really is,” Buursma wrote.

It’s gonna be another beautiful day. if you see these shows or others, and you like ’em or you don’t, Tweet us @Fringeworthy and let us know.

Stone Tape Party photo © 2014 by Paul Gillis Photography.