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Baldacchino Tent Bar – Fort Fringe
Tonight at 7:15 p.m.

The Daf might be an unfamiliar sound for those unacquainted with world music but tonight The Silent Note’s Kamyar Arsani will give those who come to Fort Fringe a proper introduction. The large, circular Iranian frame drum is held upright with one hand and while the other will create the majority of the sounds (some of which are reminiscent of a snare), the steadying hand remains active and playing the Daf requires an impressive amount of manual dexterity. Arsani has studied the Iranian frame drum since he was 11, but he’s also a guitarist and tonight’s performance will include guest spots from collaborators Ty Russell, Abhik Saha and Electric Cowbell label head Jim Thomson, so the grooves will take a more full-bodied approach.

Meanwhile, Sudanese-born Mosno Al-Moseeki takes the pentatonic music from his country and gives it a modern folk-rock treatment for a style that he calls “Desert Eclectic.” At its most minimalist, his songs can be barren, hollow and haunting, as on the he acoustic guitar and hand percussion-powered of “A Christmas Wish.” More often than not, his poetic lyrics and sultry voice accompany complex electric guitar lines that sound as if they were born across the Atlantic  — but with melodies that will feel familiar to anyone who’s ever been in love.

Fringe Play For Whom They’re The Best Fit: Ten Principles )'(. There’s no one type of person that makes the pilgrimage to Burning Man and although these tales and songs come from a different part of the world, they all have roots in the desert.