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FEATURING: Brett Abelman! Camila Domonoske! Joseph Price!

DISCUSSED: Breast in Show. Waiting for Armageddon. Giant Box of Porn. You, or Whatever I Can Get. A Fire in Water. Refresh: Stories of Love, Sex, and the Internet. The Dish.

WE’RE SORRY: We couldn’t remember offhand the names of all the creators of the marvelous You, or Whatever I Can Get, which for the record was written by Suzanne Edgar, Vaughn Irving, Farrell Parker, Steve Przybylski, Jason Schlafstein, and Doug Wilder, directed by Schlafstein, composed by Irving and Przybylski, and performed by Edgar, Irving, Parker, and Wilder.

REVEALED: Camilia may think twice before accepting programming recommendations from Chris in the future.

Giant Box of Porn photo from the Capital Fringe preview event © Paul Gillis Photography