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FEATURING: Vaughn Irving! (Pictured at left.) Farrell Parker! (Pictured at right.) Doug Wilder! (Pictured at top.)

DISCUSSED: You, or Whatever I Can Get. Using a schematic method to write a musical that feels organic. Why an entire generation has passed since an original musical produced a hit pop song — though none of us thought to mention “Let It Go” from Frozen, because that’s a movie, but it should probably still count. The unfailing hilarity of male nudity.

WE’RE SORRY: It’s far too late for apologies, don’t you think? But we’re sorry, Jason Schlafstein. Also, I’m sorry for that thing I said about how “a musical seems like something that has an awful lot of moving parts to accommodate that many cooks,” or whatever I said. This is a difficult language for me. I don’t know how metaphors work.

REVEALED: Farrell and Suzanne Edgar, for all their considerable talent, only got cast after Vaughn and Doug’s girlfriends both got other jobs. This fucking industry.