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Once more we must make our recommendations based on title and description alone, because the Fringeworthy team is just as in the dark as you are about the (more than two dozen) shows premiering tonight. Soon we will have firsthand accounts of many of these prospects. If you’ve seen some great stuff, let us know on the Twitters.

War and Peas (Logan Fringe Arts Space, upstairs, 6:15 PM) — For the kiddies, a colorful, mostly dialogue-free show about rogue vegetables who encounter some mean silverware. Killer dance moves and puppetry abound. Read a preview by our own Dawn Michelle Morgan for more.

From Seven Layers to a Bikini Top in Less Than Five Hours (Tree House Lounge, 7:00 PM) — Andrea Schell explores modern womanhood in this hybrid of monologue, movement, poetry, and more.

Out of Silence: Abortion Stories From the 1 in 3 Campaign (Gallaudet University: Eastman Studio Theatre, 8:15 PM) — The 1 in 3 Campaign, a national initiative to prompt young women to share their abortion experiences, first premiered this drama at the Studio Theatre in January. Fringeworthy’s Rachel Kurzius previously told us about the campaign’s efforts to turn the show, a series of four-to-five-minute, tonally distinct sketches, into the next Vagina Monologues.

Wombat Drool (The Argonaut, 10:30 PM) — Longtime zookeeper and self-proclaimed Fringe fanatic David Kessler performs a one-man show about. . . a zookeeper. Learn some stuff about animals, too. Kessler features into Chris Klimek‘s new cover story about the 10th year of Fringe. Guess how many shows he’s seen. Go on, guess.

Meanwhile, up in Brookland: Arkology’s After Eleven (Hyman M. Perlo Studio: Dance Place, 8:30 PM) is a drama about a mother who slowly realizes her son may be psychopathic; and history buffs can check out Hello Girls: The Unknown Heroines of WWI (Brookland Artspace Lofts Studio: Dance Place, 6:15 PM), about the women who served in the Signal Corp.

Image Courtesy of 1 in 3 Campaign