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Sometimes it seems like “weird” is the only mode Fringe operates on, so maybe tonight’s picks won’t strike you as especially strange. But there’s something to be said for puppetry and the Apocalypse all in the same place. Whet your appetite for another madcap Fringe weekend with these choice trips.

Half Past What? (Gallery O on H, 8 p.m.) — “Broad City on bath salts” is how our reviewer, Cassie Balfour, describes this surreal, quintessentially Fringey comedy. Get ready for dirty limericks, vinegar shots, and confetti.

Augustus the Sissy (The Argonaut, 8:15 p.m.) — For the sissies who miss Texas, our own self-proclaimed sissy Texan Sean Meehan gives his stamp of approval to this myth-filled tale of a small-town musician who just wants to play football. Wait, shouldn’t that be in reverse? Has the Disney Channel taught us nothing?

Belle and the Beasties (Atlas Performing Arts Center: Lab II, 10:30 p.m.) — For all the once-troubled youths who fell asleep to Labyrinth just for the nightmares, this puppets-and-sorcery sequel to Beauty and the Beast will hit the sweet spot. Also, “the costumes are maybe some of the coolest you’ll see at Fringe,” our Sophia Bushong raves.

BrouHaHa (Atlas Performing Arts Center: Sprenger, 10:45 p.m.) — Existential sketch comedy is always good for a laugh. Happenstance Theater re-imagines the Apocalypse again and again, daring us to stare into the void and not blink. Look for our review later today.

Image courtesy of Actors Repertory Theatre