Today is the last day of Capital Fringe before the extension week. But we can’t tell you yet what’s going to be offered during Fringe’s victory lap, which begins Tuesday and runs till August 2. So just to be safe, you’d better see as many shows as possible today before the Audience Awards ceremony starts at 8 p.m.

Because I want to spread as much love as I can, here are the shows playing today that Fringeworthy didn’t have the bandwidth to cover but would have if we could. Attend at your own risk, but show some love for: The Giant Turnip, mostly the VOICE: a black lesbian journey, Hello Girls: Unknown Heroines of WWI, Baba, Poe Whitman, Breaking Character, Good Egg Fables, Trueheart: Live, BellyFunkShun, St. Jimmy Celebrates “The Food at Our Feet”, The Girl With Two Belly Buttons, Wrestling with the WIP, The Out of Tooners, Sanctuaryand Cheeky Monkey Sideshow Presents: CMSS X 3D, OK?.

But don’t get so caught up in seeing shows that you forget to drop by the …

Audience Awards ceremony (Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre, 8 p.m.) — Come see which shows won your love in this free awards night, where I will present certificates to Best Comedy, Best Dance & Physical Theatre, Best Drama, Best Musical Theatre & Opera, and Best Overall Show. Afterward there’s a party, and we’ll have a music preview up shortly.

It’s been a pleasure serving as your Fringeworthy editor this year. I hope everyone had the chance to wander into something they never, in a million years, would have dreamed of seeing. That is, in the end, what Fringe is all about.

Handout photo courtesy of Paul Gillis Photography