Boom times or end times? BLT Steak just introduced wagyu beef “flights” so customers can sample and compare a range of the high-end, high-cost meat. Other local spots have begun offering their own fancy “flights” (with fancy prices, too). And none of them has to do with wine or beer.

Wagyu Beef Flight

Where: BLT Steak, 1625 I St. NW

What you get: Three or five 3-oz. cuts of meat from a selection of up to 12 rotating types of domestic and Japanese wagyu. The beef is accompanied by seasonal sides, including pickled and grilled ramps, roasted bone marrow, and miso mostarda.

How much: $95 for three American cuts; $150 for five domestic and premium cuts

Coffee Flight

Where: Mockingbird Hill, 1843 7th St. NW

What you get: Four different flight options highlight different regions of the world—from the Huila region of Colombia to Africa. Each tasting includes three different coffees.

How much: $10 to $13

Gelato Flight

Where: Dolcezza factory, 550 Penn St. NE

What you get: Scoops of whatever is churned fresh that day. Pictured: Singing Dog vanilla, salted caramel, and Valrhona chocolate amargo.

How much: $3 per flavor

Wagyu photo courtesy BLT Steak. Coffee photo courtesy Mockingbird Hill. Dolcezza photo by Jessica Sidman.