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Yelp unveiled a new tool last week that lets you search how often certain buzz words appear in reviews over the span of several years in different cities. The snapshots give insight into important questions like: Is the doughnut really the new cupcake? Is D.C. a gin or a whiskey town? And is terrible service on the rise? Y&H played around with some keywords to find out. Try it out for yourself at yelp.com/trends and feel free to share any other trend revelations in the comments.

Sorry, the cupcake cannot be overthrown. Not even by the doughnut.

D.C. is officially a beer town:

Small-plates haters will be happy to know entrees still reign supreme. But entrees are on a slight decline, while small plates are on a modest rise.

Yikes. Are more people using online forums to bitch about service or is it actually getting worse?

D.C.’s influx of taquerias is still no match for the almighty burger:

Yup, that looks about right:

Graphs via Yelp Trends