Ever dreamed of bathing in marinara? Well, Pizza Parts & Service (from the Taylor Gourmet folks) plans to introduce a red sauce dunk tank in front of the restaurant at the H Street Festival on Saturday. Buy two slices, and get three throws. If you dunk someone, you get a free pie. Anyone can volunteer to be dunked—you also get a free pie for that.

Pizza Parts & Service rep Doug Rashid says they didn’t want to do an eating competition (“boring and wasteful”), thus the dunk tank idea was born. While he isn’t sure exactly how many gallons of marinara might be involved, he says it will likely be mixed with water.

The pizza shop has been tweeting John Boehner‘s former press secretary to get the House Speaker in the tank and Barack Obama to throw a pitch. So far, no luck on that front. But it looks like Rogue 24/Gypsy Soul chef RJ Cooper is in.