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Chef José Andrés announced to the “people of tweeter” last week that he would no longer send out personal tweets from his @chefjoseandres account, even though it will remain active. While no other local chefs match his following (more than 252,000), a few have sizeable Twitter clout. Here are some other top bar and restaurant industry tweeters in the D.C. area ranked by their audience as of Sept. 12. No surprise: The ones who have been on TV lead the pack.

Bryan Voltaggio
Twitter bio: Husband, Father, Chef/Owner, VOLT, LUNCHBOX, FAMILY MEAL, RANGE, AGGIO
Followers: 233,962*
Tweets: 6,143
Joined Twitter: June 2009
The feed: Sure, there’s plenty of self-promotional stuff, but the chef also throws in adorable anecdotes about his kids and gems like “Fuck @MonsantoCo.”

Chris Bukowski
Twitter bio: Owner @BracketRoomVA Inquiries- christinemhindle@gmail.com
Followers: 103,289
Tweets: 6,387
Joined Twitter: May 2012
The feed: When he’s not promoting his Clarendon bar Bracket Room or commenting on Bachelor in Paradise, Bukowski loves to post photos of his dog Miley.

Spike Mendelsohn
Twitter bio: Good Stuff Eatery | Béarnaise | We, The Pizza | The Sheppard | SPIKED events 
Followers: 45,883
Tweets: 7,421
Joined Twitter: November 2008
The feed: The account is heavy on promotion of his restaurants (“We’re fueling taste buds and imaginations!”) and retweeting fans, but he will call out reporters (ahem) for taking photos in his no-photos-allowed “speakeasy” the Sheppard.

Mike Isabella
Twitter bio: Chef/Owner Graffiato / Kapnos / G Sandwich / Top Chef All-Stars Runner-Up / Proud NJ Native
Followers: 33,995
Tweets: 6,867
Joined Twitter: October 2010
The feed: This account is dominated by retweets of his own restaurants, fans, and media, but Isabella occasionally throws in some sports commentary.


Derek Brown
Twitter bio: I drink like it’s my job, because it is.
Followers: 8,705
Tweets: 8,678
Joined Twitter: June 2009
The feed: You can always count on the serial bar owner for some quippy commentary on absurd drinking trends.

Geoff Tracy 
Twitter bio: I love bacon, @norahodonnell, and my three kids. I dislike speed cameras. Follow @liasrestaurant, too. Tweet love.
Followers: 5,333
Tweets: 6,355
Joined twitter: June 2009
The feed: Tracy combines restaurant specials with updates on his wife’s latest political interview as CBS This Morning co-host. Also: lots of bacon.

*Twitter followers and tweets as of Sept. 12