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Everyone can stop freaking out now. Just-opened downtown restaurant Second State has decided not to charge customers an additional $1 for crystal-clear cubes from a local boutique ice company. The “hand-cut rock” upcharge was initially listed on the menu for certain classic cocktails, like a Manhattan or martini, as well as for rye whiskeys. As of last night, the entire classic cocktails section wasn’t even on the menu.

Since Y&H first noted the frozen fee, outrage and indignation have erupted on a national level. “I’m pretty sure we’re up to the 3rd or 4th sign of the apocalypse at this point,” wrote Jezebel. “Cocktail culture hits a new low,” read a Huffington Post headline. Meanwhile, Bloomberg Businessweek called it “the latest happy hour rip off.” (Second State, however, claims it doesn’t even make money on the ice when you factor in delivery costs.) 

Y&H has contacted the restaurant for more info about the decision. In the meantime, check out the current drink menus below.

Photo by Jessica Sidman