If you’ve got the munchies, Amsterdam Falafelshop has always been a pretty solid bet. Now, in support of marijuana legalization Initiative 71 passing, the local chain is encouraging fans to “pay tribute to their favorite strain of the good stuff” by Instagramming photos of pot-inspired falafel bar creations using the hashtag #POTLAFEL.

Amsterdam Falafelshop got things started today by posting the above photo of a “Green Crack” falafel sandwich with cucumber and tomato salad, eggplant, cilantro jalapeño sauce, and garlic parsley sauce. (Just to be clear, there’s no actual marijuana in it.) “Pick your favorite strain—be it Purple Haze, Super Diesel or White Widdow—and start topping!” reads a promotion for the campaign.

The Adams Morgan, 14th Street NW, and Clarendon locations will offer weekly prizes for falafel lovers who share photos of the most creative creations on Instagram through Dec. 19. After that, a grand-prize winner will be selected to receive a catering party for 15 people.