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Today in extreme measures for a table at Rose’s Luxury: A Craigslist poster is offering to pay someone $25 an hour—up to $50—to wait in line for a table. All you have to do is show up at 4 p.m. on Friday:

Y&H got ahold of the poster, who says he wants to remain anonymous so he doesn’t spoil the surprise for his boyfriend. He says he tried to get a table at the restaurant once before about a month ago on a Tuesday night. “We waited in line only to be told when we got there that they had just made their last seating,” he says. The poster adds he has friends in the restaurant industry who he’s contacted for help snagging a table. “Everybody’s coming up short,” he says. “Nobody gets any kind of special treatment there.”

But the poster really wanted to get a table for his boyfriend’s birthday and can’t leave work early himself. “On Capitol Hill they have staffing agencies that pay people to stand in line to hold spots for lobbyists,” he says. “So I figured this is D.C., may as well try to apply that to getting into a sought-after restaurant.”

The ad received three responses within the first 30 minutes.

Rose’s Luxury has been a relatively hot commodity on Craigslist lately. Earlier this month, when Rose’s Luxury released reservations (which otherwise don’t exist) for New Year’s Eve, a scalper offered to sell her spot for $200. She anonymously told Y&H she did it as an “experiment,” but swiftly deleted the ad after getting hate mail about the ploy.

Others have shelled out more than $1,000 for a pair of reservations that Rose’s has auctioned off for charity.

Photo by Jessica Sidman