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“What the hell?” seems to be the question of 2014. Restaurants provided a lot of wacky fodder for Y&H this year: sex in restrooms, stolen copper mugs stuffed down pants, secret documents about food writers, and a $1 upcharge for ice. But which stories drew the most readers (and frequent face palms)? Take a look at Y&H’s most-clicked stories this year:

1. Stall Tactics: Getting It On in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Think

2. Chicken Doodle: Whole Food Artists Create More Than Just Chalkboard Drawings

3. Is Restaurant Week a Rip-Off? We Did the Math.

4. Why Can’t People Stop Stealing From D.C.’s Restaurants?

5. Shit Whole Foods Ran Out Of

6. This Secret Document Helps D.C. Restaurants Keep Tabs on Food Writers

7. Second State Will Charge $1 Extra for Artisanal Ice

8. New Brewpub, The Public Option, Won’t Take Your Tips

9. The Pour House Will Close Next Month

10. The Hungries: The Best and Worst of D.C. Restaurants in 2014

Illustration by Robert Ullman