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Graffiato will no longer serve “thug rice”—risotto dyed black with cuttlefish ink—for its February dinner paying tribute to the East Coast vs. West Coast, Biggie vs. Tupac hip-hop rivalries of the ’90s. That, along with other dishes like “milk chocolate chip blunts” and “coke floats,” caused quite an uproar on Twitter, where people called the menu offensive, distasteful, and racist. Even media outside D.C., picked up on the story.

Subsequently, the Mike Isabella restaurant removed the menu from its website, saying it was a “work in progress.” But now a new menu has been posted without terrible puns like “Wu-Tangy dressing” and “blood money sausage.” Instead, each course on the menu is headed by a hip-hop song title. The “blunt” and “coke” are now listed simply as “cannoli” and “house cola.” Meanwhile, “risotto” has replaced “thug rice,” and there’s no mention of cuttlefish ink (or “cuddle fish ink,” as it was initially misspelled).

Check out the old and new menus below.

New version:

Old version:

Photo by Darrow Montgomery