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There will soon be a service for people who are too lazy to make their own coffee and actually go to a coffee shop. Fetch Coffee, aiming to launch at the end of the month, will deliver a cup of Joe to your office or home for $3 plus the price of the drink.

The idea comes from Tony Chen, a 24-year-old Montgomery County native and engineering grad from Cornell University who quit his business strategy job at Capital One to start his own company. He’s seen how food delivery services have taken off and figured there might be a niche specifically for coffee. “I sat at Starbucks from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m.,” Chen says. “And just look at the people who come in, look at the people who go out: Eighty-percent of the people who order in the morning, it’s all takeout… They wait five minutes in line, and then they leave. It’s too bad. It’s annoying.”

Chen says the coffee will come from whatever cafe is closest to the delivery address unless people request a specific place. People can order coffee on-demand or schedule it in advance. He’ll transport the drinks by car or bike and use some sort of insulation box to keep the coffee hot. He’s still trying to figure out a system to make sure liquid doesn’t spill en-route.

There are still a number of things that need to be worked out, Chen says, including exact hours and pricing. He’s thinking of charging $3 for every four cups. He won’t deliver muffins or other coffee shop foods—just coffee. If the business takes off, he’d like to rent a commercial kitchen and brew the coffee himself.

But he’s not getting ahead of himself yet: “The main thing I’m trying to test for is that there’s a big enough market for it,” Chen say. “It seems like there is.”

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