One Eight Distilling—D.C.’s second (legal) distillery since before Prohibition—officially launches Saturday with vodka and white whiskey (plus gin coming soon). The Ivy City operation will open to the public from 1 to 4 p.m. for tours, samplings in its tasting room, and sales of spirits plus branded swag like flasks, shot glasses, and hats. Red Hook Lobster Pound will also be on hand, and other food trucks will rotate through every Saturday during tasting and tour hours.

The distillery comes from former immigration attorney Alexander “Sandy” Wood and Alex Laufer, who previously worked in the biotechnology and neuroscience fields. The college friends named the business after Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which established the District of Columbia as the U.S. capital.

One Eight’s 7,500-square-foot Ivy City facility will debut with District Made Vodka (a rye-based vodka) and Rock Creek White Whiskey (a rye-forward un-aged whiskey with hints of spice and pepper). “Classic dry” Ivy City Gin will be released in the coming weeks. The distillery also plans to eventually produce single-malt whiskey, bourbon, and rye whiskey.

One Eight follows in the footsteps of New Columbia Distillers, which began selling its Green Hat gin in 2012.

Photo courtesy One Eight Distilling