Bone broth may be as ancient as boiling water, but that hasn’t stopped people from proclaiming it one of the top food and health trends of 2015. Red Apron began offering the nutrient-rich liquid in to-go cups this week. (You can also find it at fast-casual restaurant Hälsa, which recently opened in Monroe Street Market.)

Chef Nate Anda simmers the liquid with the bones of sustainably-raised animals for at least 36 hours. The long cook time infuses the broth with collagen and nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and amino acids. Proponents claim bone broth can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and help your hair and nails. An eight-ounce cup goes for $4.25. Twelve ounces are $5.50.

Here’s a look at the anatomy of this meat juice:

Like tea, the bone broth comes with spice sachets (50 cents each) that steep in the liquid:

Photos by Darrow Montgomery/Illustration by Lauren Heneghan