Next time you get high, Amsterdam Falafelshop wants you to consider whether hummus or baba ganoush pairs best with your marijuana strain. The restaurant’s Adams Morgan, 14th Street NW, and Clarendon locations are debuting a pot pairing menu for 4/20 that will include toppings suggestions that go nicely with five types of strains.

Amsterdam Falafelshop co-founder Arianne Bennett was inspired after seeing the hundreds of people who turned out for a pot seed giveaway in Adams Morgan. “We thought, ‘Wow, this is really interesting when you look at the diversity of people in the line,'” she says. “And we realized that’s also the diversity of our clientele in our lines.”

Later, at a dinner party with friends, the conversation turned to wine pairings and how the new thing should be pot pairings. “We’re all going around the table talking about this, and our friend says, ‘You guys should do that! You should totally do a pot pairing because you don’t serve wine or alcohol at all.”

Most of the research for the pairings and the effects of each strain was done online, but Bennett and her husband Scott Bennett have tested some of the combinations at home, including those for Lemon Haze and OG Kush. “They’re excellent,” Arianne Bennett says.

Keep in mind you can’t actually smoke or consume marijuana in the restaurants. “Most of it is people are in their homes and preparing and then getting in the line,” Bennett says. “We’re always really careful because there’s so many police in Adams Morgan to be very clear that they should not be sampling just before they walk in the door or on the steps.”

Amsterdam Falafelshop will begin displaying its pot pairing menu and have hand-out copies available by 4/20 (April 20). In honor of the unofficial holiday, the Adams Morgan, 14th Street NW, and Clarendon locations will also offer sandwiches for $4.20.

Check out the menu below.


Photo courtesy Amsterdam Falafelshop