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This week’s Y&H column is all about how servers secretly size up diners from the moment they walk in a restaurant—and sometimes even before.

“We Google everyone,” says one anonymous server, who works for an upscale restaurant in D.C. “I would say pretty confidently that most places that take reservations have looked you up already… We just look for what you do. If there’s a photo, that’s helpful. We don’t save the photo—that’s creepy. I’m sure some places might.”

OpenTable surveyed more than 6,000 people about their thoughts on restaurants who search for them online and, coincidentally, released the results this morning. It turns out the majority of people are either unfazed by the practice or think it’s a good thing. Nearly one in three say it’s creepy or intrusive:

Views on Googling diners varied by city. D.C. wasn’t including, but Y&H has contacted OpenTable to see if they looked at numbers here too.


A Google search probably won’t reveal more than where you work and what you look like. But here are the top five things that people wish restaurants already knew about them:

How do you feel about restaurant staff doing research on you? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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