The latest product from Green Hat Gin producer New Columbia Distillers is probably one you’re not too familiar with: the summer cup. Pimm’s is the most famous example of this botanical-infused gin-vermouth hybrid, which is also known as a fruit cup. But as far as New Columbia founders John Uselton and Michel Lowe know, no other distiller in the U.S. is making the British specialty.

New Columbia will debut its version at H Street NE’s Boundary Road on Tuesday, July 21. You can find it at the Ivy City distillery beginning July 25 for $30 a bottle and at bars and restaurants the following week. The distillers suggest drinking it over ice with ginger ale, lemonade or both and a fruit slice garnish.

The summer cup combines New Columbia’s Navy Strength Gin with Capitoline Vermouth, which is a collaboration with Etto manager Kat Hamidi and co-owner Peter Pastan. It’s lightly sweetened and infused with a blend of herbs, spices, and fruit. It weighs in at about 27.5 percent alcohol.

“It’s kind of herbal-y and sweet and gin-y and all kinds of good stuff,” Uselton says. “Think of Pimm’s but with more going on.”

Photo courtesy New Columbia Distillers