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The Dish: The Bar Stool Rodeo Burger

Where to Get It: Slash Run, 201 Upshur St. NW, (202) 838-9929

Price: $9.95

What It Is: Ground coffee beans are mixed into the patty, along with salt and pepper for seasoning. The burger is then pan-seared and dusted with more dry coffee grounds. It comes served on a bun with melted cheddar cheese, fried poblano peppers, and sweet barbecue sauce. “This is an over-the-top burger that sort of plays off a Southwest burger,” chef Adam Harvey says. It’s served with a generous pile of waffle fries.

What It Tastes Like: This is an open-wide-on-your-first-bite kind of burger. The coffee gives the Bar Stool Rodeo a savory and earthy taste, and the toppings add hints of spiciness, sweetness, and crunch. It’s a burger Axl Rose would likely approve of.

The Story: The Bar Stool Rodeo burger fits right into the electric-rock vibe at the latest restaurant and bar from Jackie Greenbaum (El Chucho, Bar Charley). There’s a navy blue Corvette parked out front, the jukebox plays ’70s and ’80s power ballads, and the menu features a variety of monster burgers. Harvey says he imagines that this burger would have played frontman in an ’80s hair-metal group. In fact, the whole premise of the menu is meals that match the rock-themed space. Also, believe it or not, coffee is becoming a popular add-on to a lot of burgers, Harvey says. “You’re starting to see chefs and restaurants use coffee as rub or spice. It has this bitter, nutty taste that really adds something to the burger.”

Photo by Tim Ebner