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The Dish: Pig Lip Tacos

Where to Get It: Taqueria La Placita, 5020 Edmonston Road, Hyattsville; (301) 277-4477

Price: $2.36

What It Is: Technically, item No. 16—listed on the menu as “trompa/pork lips”—is mislabeled. What you’re really eating is the fatty part of the pig’s snout (where the two nostrils are located). Take one big bite, and you can imagine coming face-to-face with Wilbur. Trompa is some of the juiciest meat in the pig, so pucker up and give this taco a big, fat kiss.

What It Tastes Like: Think pork belly, but gamier and fattier. Trompa is braised in pork fat, making it extra succulent. The meat is served on two corn tortillas with sautéed onions and cilantro. The taco comes dressed with a side of cucumber, radish, lime, and two varieties of hot sauce: a milder green sauce and a spicier red sauce.

The Story: As it turns out, practically any part of the pig tastes good when you simmer it long enough in its own fat. The carnitas-style cooking approach is the main reason why you should plan a visit to Hyattsville soon. Taqueria La Placita, a road-side taco shop with rusted mariachi men mounted to the restaurant’s roof, is an old standby in its neighborhood. Of the two dozen or so taco varieties, there are a handful of pork options, including pig ear, pig skin, and pig cheek. And at about $2 each, you can easily go back for seconds and thirds.