Photo by Tatiana Cirisano
Photo by Tatiana Cirisano

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If waiting in line is the favorite pastime of D.C. food-trend chasers, then the queue to get cereal milk soft-serve and crack pie from Momofuku Milk Bar is practically an attraction itself. Washingtonians have a long history of waiting in absurdly long lines for the cool new restaurant or pop-up. Please observe:

Waiting in line for Rose’s Luxury:

Waiting in line for Little Serow:

Waiting in line for Georgetown Cupcake:

Waiting in line for Buredo:

Waiting for Republic Kolache:

Waiting for Dacha Beer Garden:

Waiting for GCDC:

Waiting for Baked & Wired:

Waiting for the Bad Saint pop-up:

Rose’s Luxury photo by Darrow Montgomery. Milk Bar line photo by Tatiana Cirisano. Other non-Instagram and Twitter photos by Jessica Sidman.