D.C.’s gilded era of $125 martinis and “sommeliers in residence” continues. Introducing now: “D.C.’s first fusion caviar lounge,” Odessa, coming to 1413 K St. NW later this fall.

The restaurant will have a glass-enclosed “Caviar Room” reserved for an eight-to-10-course caviar-centric tasting menu from chef J.R. Robinson, who competed on Hell’s Kitchen and founded a catering company called KitchenCray. Meanwhile, a small plate and “luxury bar food” menu will include dishes like oysters with a Caribbean-style vinaigrette, lemon cream, and sturgeon caviar as well as tempura shrimp with quail eggs and caviar. There will also be more traditional caviar presentations, with at least six to eight options to choose from. And while much of the menu revolves around fish eggs, there are also dishes like Thai chicken lollipops and beef tartare.

Despite how it might sound, General Manager Charles Chong, who previously worked at Ibiza nightclub, says they don’t necessarily want to cater exclusively to an “elite” crowd. “What we’re trying to do is infuse [caviar] into other seafood and cold prep dishes so that it’s fun, trying to bring it more into the mainstream.”

The drink menu is still a work in progress, but Beverage Manager Chris Miranda says they’ll focus on classics and get more “edgy” as time goes on. The bar will have different types of artisanal ice to suit different drinks. Also, there will be bottle service.

“Since we’re on K Street, we’re trying to market ourselves to the crowd that’s here: the lobbyists, the lawyers,” Chong says. “But at the same time, we’re not trying to be overly exclusive.”

The front section of Odessa will operate a mostly to-go coffee bar from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Large wooden doors will separate the lounge, which will be decorated in copper tones. A big bar will occupy the center of Odessa, and a mezzanine will have room for six or so tables.

The restaurant gets its name from D.C. drug “queenpin” Odessa Madre. “She’s like the female Al Capone,” Chong says.

Photo by Jessica Sidman