The Dish:
Smokehouse Bomb

Where to Get It: Wicked Bloom, 1540 North Capitol St. NW; (202) 750-6375;

Price: $14

What It Is: A waffle made out of mac and cheese topped with pulled pork, brisket chili, queso sauce, barbecue sauce, and sour cream. Basically, it’s the best/worst thing ever.

What It Tastes Like: This sloppy drunk food disguised as a breakfast staple stays slightly crispy on the outside but gooey on the inside. Like chili nachos, it’s oozing with meats, cheese, and sauces.

The Story: The Smokehouse Bomb wasn’t even supposed to be on the menu. Chef Rob Sonderman and Bar Manager Ben Matz were trying to come up with a hot food item that the bar could prepare without a stove or oven and threw this dish on a sample menu to send to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration so they could get their liquor license. Somehow, that menu accidentally got passed onto the media before Wicked Bloom’s opening. “Now, it’s something that we’re never going to be able to take off the menu,” Sonderman says. “It seems like every press person that’s all they want to talk about.” (Sorry, Rob!) Beyond that, the waffle—along with the brisket nachos—are now the top sellers on the menu. The only problem is Wicked Bloom only has one waffle iron. “It’s probably something we’re going to have to invest in sooner rather than later,” he says.

How To Eat It: “It’s not something you can eat two of,” Sonderman says. In fact, you may want to solicit the help of a friend.