Keeping track of the ongoing rollout of restaurant after restaurant isn’t getting easier. For those who don’t want the play-by-play of the chef’s history or the decor inspiration, here’s the CliffsNotes guide of the latest openings:

Non-Americanized Chinese + Panda Express-like nameforks and spoons + a nine-course tasting menu + ornamental umbrellasSecret Chopsticks(1850 Fort Myer Drive, Arlington)

Fake fireplace + raw bar + private dining + downtown office crowd + power spot aspirations + a master sommelier = Pennsylvania 6 (1350 I St. NW)

Mintwood Place + soundproofingentrees + “medium plates” + escargots “in a blanket” + fancy ice + liquid nitrogen-chilled cocktail glasses = Convivial (801 O St. NW)

Salad + pasta + pasta + pasta + cannoli any other food + edison lightbulbs + sidewalk kitchen view = Red, White and Basil (1781 Florida Ave. NW)

Plate lunches + spam musubi + pokesurfer dudesthe food truck + bring your dogMetro vicinityHula Girl Bar & Grill (4044 Campbell Ave., Arlington)

Pork buns + $17 ramen + hype + long lines + proximity to Gucci + cereal milk soft-serve + more hype = Momofuku CCDC (1090 I St. NW)

Chopsticks photo by Rey Lopez, Hula Girl photo via Hula Girl, other photos by Jessica Sidman