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Season 13 rolls along with two D.C. chefs still in it and another fighting to get back in Last Chance Kitchen. Here’s what you need to know:

Episode in one paragraph: The road show continues as cheftestants packed their knives and decamped for Palm Springs, which from the descriptions given by the cast is made up entirely of gays and olds. For the quickfire challenge, frequent guest judge José Andrés met the teams in the middle of the desert for a little experiment in solar cooking and to pimp D.C.-based World Central Kitchen (a good cause, and not just for celebrity chefs). For the elimination challenge, the group broke into two teams and cooked on golf carts at a local course. The dishes didn’t look like much, to be honest, and Jeremy Ford (of Miami’s Matador Room by Jean Georges) picked up his second win. Grayson Schmitz, who was getting a second shot at Top Chef after competing on Season 9, went out for some less-than-stellar corn hash.

D.C. Performances: Ripple’s Marjorie Meek-Bradley and Shaw Bijou’s Kwame Onuwachi were solidly in the middle of the pack (MM-B was on the winning team in the elimination challenge, teaming with Seattle’s Jason Stratton to make grilled shrimp with summer squash, roasted eggplant puree, and tomato celery salad, seen above). The real star, as always, was Andrés, who got to plug his favorite causes, get excited about using the sun to heat a skillet, and generally charm his way through the judging scenes. Over in Last Chance Kitchen, though, we bid adieu to Barrel’s Garret Fleming, who was beaten by Schmitz in an exotic ingredients challenge.

D.C. Wins: Quickfires, zero. Elimination challenges, two (Meek-Bradley, 1; Onuwachi, 1). Last Chance Kitchens, two (Fleming).

Confidence Rating (out of 10): 8. Neither MM-B or Onuwachi got a lot of screen time after dominating for two straight episodes. But sometimes not being in the spotlight is good—it’s a long game.

Photo courtesy of Bravo/NBC Universal