As pre-snow grocery hoarders snaked around the aisles of Trader Joe’s last night, an employee trailed them with a sign reading “THE END OF THE LINE IS HERE!” Apparently, shoppers took that to mean the end times and not just a position in the frozen food section, because by 8:30 p.m., the 14th Street store had been ransacked like there was no tomorrow. As a sequel to 2014’s Shit Whole Foods Ran Out Of, here’s a visual inventory of the items Trader Joe’s ran out of.

Cinnamon raisin bagels


Actually, almost all the bread

Organic kiwis

Shiitake mushrooms

Broccoli florets

Peppers (yellow and orange)


Basically, all of the produce

Most of the deli meats and cheeses

Cracker assortment

Veggie flaxseed tortilla chips

Organic coconut oil

Frozen pizzas


Most of the milk


Even the sauerkraut

Bottled water

The $6.99 wine

The $4.49 wine

Photos by Jessica Sidman