Didn’t see this one coming: Crane & Turtle will close on April 24 after nearly two years serving Japanese-French food in Petworth. Husband-wife duo chef Makoto Hamamura and pastry chef Katy Kinch are moving to New York to be closer to family.

“The restaurant is so connected to Makoto and to his background and to his cooking that it was hard for us to imagine continuing it without him,” says co-owner Paul Ruppert. “We thought it was best to go out on a high note and spend these next two months celebrating that and then open with a new project.”

The restaurant’s concept combines Hamamura’s Japanese heritage with his French culinary training. And the restaurant’s name, which comes from a Japanese fable about a crane and turtle, is also nod Hamamura’s family: His mother’s name is Tsuru, meaning “crane” in Japanese, and her twin sister is Kame, meaning “turtle.”

Ruppert says the team has no specific plans for what’s next for the space. They’re still brainstorming ideas.

“We’re considering both keeping it in the same style, which is fine dining in a neighborhood setting, but we’re also considering doing something more casual as well,” Ruppert says.

Photo by Jessica Sidman