Shrubs and even straight-up vinegar are showing up in cocktails all around D.C. New to the mix: cans of “Fine Brine” from Gordy’s Pickle Jar marketed specifically for cocktails.

Gordy’s co-founders Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain have long been cooking and making drinks with their brine. “We actually use the brine often, and that’s kind of what sparked the idea to put it in a can,” Gordon says. As far as they know, they’re the first business to ever can pickle brine. 

2 Birds 1 Stone bartender Adam Bernbach has already been using the brine in cocktails, which comes from Gordy’s hot chili spears. The bar has also hosted some collaboration events with the pickle producer.

“It goes perfect with so many different spirits,” Gordon says. She describes it as “salty, tangy, and slightly sweet.” The back of the can highlights a recipe with gin, brine, lemon, simple syrup, and orange bitters. And although they’re advertising the brine for cocktails, Gordon also suggests using it for beer-can chicken or sautéing vegetables.

The cans are currently available in four-packs online for $8 or individually at the Shaw and Dupont locations of Glen’s Garden Market for $2.79. Look for it at other retail outlets soon.

Photo via Gordy’s Pickle Jar