Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Incumbent At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange has an easy June primary ahead of him?at least, according to a poll that his campaign paid for. The results, released this morning, show Orange with 39-point lead on his nearest challenger.

With a margin of error of +/-3.5 percent, Challenger Robert White, who has managed to score the few endorsements in the race that Orange hasn’t received himself, received 9 percent in the poll. David Garber finished in a statistical tie with White, receiving 8 percent.Those are grim numbers for Orange’s challengers, but it also leaves some 35 percent of respondents undecided. “Both Garber and White are largely unknown,” longtime District pollster Ron Lester notes in his polling memo, available below.

The poll numbers are also good news for Orange patron Muriel Bowser, who is seeing her other candidates facing longer odds in other races. Lester conducted his poll in late April, with 22 percent of respondents using cell phones.