Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Maybe the sun being out had something to do with it, but on “Bike to Work Day” last Friday, the Metropolitan Branch Trail saw a record 1,313 bicycle trips—roughly 30 trips more than the latest record set during the March 16 Metro shutdown.

Darren Buck, a staffer for the District Department of Transportation, shared the numbers on the MBT’s Facebook page. The trail’s traffic on Friday—which recorded more than 17,500 total cyclists, according to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments—rose almost three percent over that during the Metro shutdown, and 11 percent over Bike to Work Day in 2015.

Traffic spiked during morning and evening rush hours. DDOT usually tallies ridership with electronic motion-sensing counters.

Also on Friday, D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen proposed a bill to make cycling safer. The bill relies on car license plates.