Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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Ward 7 incumbent Yvette Alexander faces a bruising re-election fight next month, but at least she has the Washington Post editorial board on her side. In a half-hearted endorsement that calls Alexander’s nine years on the D.C. Council “disappointing,” the ed board backed Alexander this morning over ex-mayor Vince Gray.

Fortunately for Gray, a Post endorsement hasn’t swung an election on the east side of the Anacostia River for decades. Losing the endorsement might actually make Gray a winner, since it gives his campaign another chance to do its favorite thing: attack the Post

Most of the Post‘s endorsement of Alexander focuses on the continuing drip of news about the closed investigation into Gray’s 2010 mayoral campaign. The Post‘s latest revelation in that series features Gray’s ex-girlfriend Linda Mercado Greene waffling on whether she relayed shadow campaign messages to Gray. It’s not exactly the kind of stuff that’s going to change the minds of Ward 7 voters who backed Gray with more than 60 percent of the vote in the 2014 mayoral race. 

Gray’s campaign fired back anyway, starting with Gray asking the editorial board at the endorsement meeting whether any of them had interviewed Ward 7 residents (The answer, according to the campaign, was no). 

“The residents of Ward 7 deserve a better hometown newspaper than the Post,” the email reads.

Officially, Gray campaign treasurer Chuck Thies delights in Post stories about the shadow campaign. After the story on Greene’s allegations ran last weekend, Thies showed LL fundraising totals suggesting that Gray’s campaign raised $1,150 off another email responding to the story.