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The District’s Democratic primary is two weeks from now, which means we’re in the thick of elections hijinks season. Now Ward 8 incumbent LaRuby May has fired a campaign worker shown on video trying to make an illicit voter registration—all while May stands just a few feet away.

Much of the action in the video takes place off-camera, where the campaign worker tries to convince a resident of Northeast D.C. to instead register at an address in the ward so he can vote for May. The prospective voter, though, refuses.

YouTube video

“I’m not in the ward no more,” the prospective voter says. 

“You’re not?” replies the campaign worker. “Put your address you be at right here.”

With May standing just few feet away, the campaign worker continues to tell the man to file an illicit voter registration.

“What’s the address you use right here?” he says, adding later. “I’m saying, there’s no address you can use? That you can use? Nobody.”

After LL asked May’s campaign about the video, the unnamed campaign worker was fired.

“The moment the video was brought to the campaign’s attention and we were able to confirm the identity, the person involved was fired,” May said in a statement. “The individual violated our canvasing policy which was reviewed with all campaign staff.”

The video doesn’t surprise Trayon White, who is running again for the Ward 8 seat after losing to May by less than 100 votes in last year’s special election.

“It doesn’t shock me,” White says. “I’ve been hearing about that stuff going on since last year.”