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Standout Track: No. 1, “Little Town of Not No More,” off Fulton Lights’ forthcoming album, tentatively titled Moonwalking Into the Future. Buried beneath myriad synthesizers and saxophones lies a pop song. “The song started with just kind of guitar and voice,” says guitar player and vocalist Andrew Spencer Goldman, “and if you strip everything else down, it’s almost a little Paul Simon-y.”

Musical Motivation: Although not explicitly a song about Baltimore, Goldman takes a lot of inspiration from his home city in “Little Town of Not No More.” There are nods to the city throughout the song, including lost industry, but perhaps one of the most vivid images comes when Goldman sings about a “Rascal with racing stripes.” “I’ve lived in a bunch of other cities and have never seen that anywhere else,” Goldman says, “so that to me is a Baltimore thing.” However, Goldman insists that the song is not entirely about Baltimore; it’s more of “an impressionist take on different things in the city.”

Perspective Shifts: Fulton Lights hasn’t released any new music since 2012’s Am I Right or Am I Right, and Goldman says that taking four years away from releasing music changed what he expects from his music post-release. “I write, I record, I have no idea what will happen with it,” he says. “I don’t have a record label, I don’t have a press strategy, I don’t have any of those things… You’ve got to be happy to be working your way through the process of creating things, and you just put them out there and I hope people like them.”