Standout Track: “Wade”, the first single from Jonny Grave’s new album, Broadcaster/Believer/Revelator/Repeater, is a dark, murky blues tune that builds as Grave repeats, “I’m gonna wade/ I’m gonna wade/ I’m gonna wade my way through the muddy water on the way back to dry land.” A warm resonance radiates from the guitar that sounds both old and new. “It’s probably the least derivative song I’ve written to date,” Grave tells WCP in an email.

Musical Motivation: In 2015, Grave played 200 gigs around the country. It was a great but trying year, he admits, and “Wade” “is about continuing to walk forward, regardless of the circumstances.” The song, he says, “sets the tone for the whole album.” “It’s kind of a mantra… When you play the same songs over and over, they open little doors, like tiny revelations, about other tunes, and how they’re all connected.”

Blue Suede Pews: Grave recorded Broadcaster/Believer/Revelator/Repeater in a converted church in Tupelo, Miss. he discovered thanks to sound engineer Cedric Williams. Williams invited Grave to the church to record and, Grave writes, “we recorded from about noon to 2 p.m., ripped through eight songs, and even had time to mix some of the sounds down so I could listen to them on the ride to the next gig.” The venue and the old gear in it (like an ancient mixer that once belonged to Willie Nelson) are a big part of what makes this album unique.